Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday December 6, 2015 - My outfit for Saturday's Party

I stated in an earlier blog that my mother's remembrance party would be a perfect time to come out as Susan. There would be a multi-generational group of friends and family attending this fun and reminiscing party.

However, I felt that coming out  dressed would have changed the focus of the party. It was about my mother and her love of hosting parties not Susan's coming out party.

But if I had come dressed, below is my outfit for the day.

Its a nice blue ensemble with a slightly retro look. I like the dress because it reminds me of the 1950's and 1960's. I built a blue and silver ensemble around it.

The flying bird was a temporary tattoo I would place on my ankle. It represents my mother and I soaring to new heights.

Mom's Final Party

Vintage tea dress
$74 -

Pierre Hardy stiletto heel pumps
$210 -

Lipsy metal purse
$37 -

Blue topaz heart pendant

TATTLY Cartolina Bird temporary tattoo
$5.99 -

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