Thursday, December 24, 2015

Thursday December 24, 2015 - All I want for Christmas

I remember wanting to ask Santa for a pair of Black Pumps to go with this old dress, my sister discarded. In middle school, I use to take my sister's old clothes and make them my own. But my feet were two big for her shoes.

All I wanted for Christmas was a pair of black pumps to go that dress.


  1. Merry Christmas and a very Happy, Healthy and Well Dressed New Year to you.

    With us the act of buying womens clothes, shoes, etc. for ourselves, while once exciting and very edgy, has become somewhat mundane.

    On the other hand a small gift from a loved one that acknowledges some degree of acceptance of our femme side becomes very meaningful.

    Several months ago we were at a street fair and there was s pretty costume jewelry necklace that I bought for my wife. As we were paying the vendor said with this purchase we were entitled to a free pair of earrings. My wife has pierced ears and will keep the same pair of gold double hoops in her years all the time. She picked out a pair of clip ons for me. This past weekend I got dressed at home to help with some of the Christmas cooking and I wore those earings. Even after 7-8 hours of wear they were still comfortable and I mentioned that to her along with my thanks for her getting them for me.

    Again all the best to you and your family for Christmas.


  2. Pat,

    I totally agree. A few times, I have had people buy a "feminine gift" for me. I love those gifts so much. My youngest daughter bought five pair of shoes (boots, heels and sandals) for my birthday.

    I wore one of them this fall in Orlando.

    I love those types of gifts.