Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday March 29, 2015 - OMG, I ate too much

I had a good time in Hilton Head, but I ate too much. Each meal was a buffet and I lost control. On the bus trip from Atlanta to Hilton Head (Thursday afternoon), we stopped at Ryan's Buffet.

I did alright at Ryan's because I paced myself. I started with a large salad and used salsa as a salad dressing (low calorie substitute). Then I had a large vegetable plate. I drank two glasses of water to help fill me up. Then I got a small meat plate with baked chicken and fish. Luckily, their dessert bar was not very good, so I had a small piece of sugar free apple pie with a little ice cream.

I felt pretty good. But dinner, OMG. They had a buffet and I did the salad plate, followed by the veggy plate and water. Then, I eat a small piece of beef and their baked chicken was dry, so I did not each much. BUT, they had a three layer chocolate cake and I lost my mind. I had one piece and it was so good. So I had a second piece. I tried to offset it by going to the hotel gym and using the stationary bike for 60 minutes. The bike was a not a good quality bike, so my knees started hurting after 45 minutes. But I made one hour.

The exercise, might have helped a little, but that cake spiked my sugar levels.

Saturday, after my presentation, I drove my rental car to Coligny Mall. It is a nice outside festival style center with local shops. It has the type of tourist style shops you expect at a beach resort. Many people go off the Island to Tanger Outlet, but you can find most of those stores at your local shopping area.

Well, the first thing I did was go to the fudge shop and buy two double stuffed and chocolate dipped Oreo cookies. I love those things. Then I had to go to the ice cream shop and buy a cup of bubble gum ice cream. Now my blood sugar levels are all over the place and I am losing portion control.  I bought junk food and nibbled on stuff all afternoon while I shopped.

I wish I was in Femboy mode because I was shopping for female jewelry and clothes. I would have tried on some items, but it would have been hard to judge the clothes without being in the correct mode. I could not see how it fit my overall appearance. So I just window shopped.

I saw some nice items and  I did buy two pendants for my necklaces. I spent three hours shopping and really enjoyed it.

I felt like Susan wearing men's clothes. So I guess I was girl crossdressing as a guy. I pass pretty good. ;-}No strange looks, lol.

I got back to the hotel in time for the dinner buffet. I eat too much macaroni and cheese and I had a big piece of cheese cake. I do not even like cheese cake! But my body was probably at a low blood sugar level and I need to raise it. I asked for chocolate cake, but they were out of it. Thank God!  So I did the cheese cake and said to myself, I would exercise later that night. Well, I ended up socializing and did not exercise.

Saturday morning, I lost control at the breakfast buffet. I am glad I did not eat the waffles. I had a veggy omelet but had coffee with sugar and a lot of bacon and sausage.

We left the hotel two hours late because the bus had a battery problem. Then, when we finally got on the road, the bus cut off because of a water problem. After another hour, we finally got on the road. Finally, within 1 hour outside of Atlanta, we ran into construction and a 90 minute traffic jam, We were suppose to be back in Atlanta by 6 pm but did not get in until 10:30 pm.

While waiting for the bus and all during the trip back, I was having sugar craving which caused me to eat junk food and even drink a diet soda (No No) on the way back.

We did stop for dinner and I got a large meatball salad from subway. Then I had two bananas. This calmed my food cravings.

I have got to get my blood sugar back to its normal level. So I will exercise today, Monday and Tuesday for at least 90 minutes each day. I will also closely watch my sugar and calorie intake.

But I did have a good time.

I always love these types of "adventures" with travel and food issues. It allows me the opportunity to try and solve the problems.

I have a monthly weigh-in Wednesday morning and I hope I did not blow my weight success I was having this month.

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