Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday March 1, 2015 - March Weight Check In

February 2015 is over. The months go by so quickly. So its time to summarize my weight control for the past months.

My last weight-in Saturday morning February 28, 2015 was 167.8 lbs. This is one pound higher than the end of February 2015.

I would be upset because I am trying to lost about 0.50 pounds per month for a total of 6 pounds in 2015. However, I spent 5 days at Foxwoods Casino in Ledyard, CT.  While there, I was treated to meals and did not workout.

The second weekend of February I did not control my calorie intake because of different events.

So to end up gaining only 1 pound is OK.

Of course, I wanted to lose 1/2 lbs which would have put me around 166.3 lbs.

I still think getting rid of diet sodas has allowed me to control my weight better.

During the month of February, my weight fluctuated between 164.6 lbs and 170 lbs. This is much better than December when I was between 168 lbs and 178 lbs. However, I want to be within the 160 lbs to 165 lbs range.

When, I start HRT, I want to drop my weight into the 155 lbs to 160 lbs range. At that range, I will have very little excess fat. Under HRT, I will slowly allow an increase in my weight to the 170 lbs to 175 lbs, hoping it will create feminine curves and fat deposit in the right place.


Hi 170.0 lbs
Low 164.6 lbs
Start 166.8 lbs
End 167.8 lbs
Change 1.0 lbs
Workout Days 6

March 2015 goal: 165 lbs

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