Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday September 27, 2015 - Susan needs some time.

I have been busy this past week and my femininity feels neglected. I would not say its dysphoria, its just as I look in the mirror, I see signs of neglect.

My finger nails need work. I have not had my bi-weekly body shave and I have stubble all over. Yuck.

My face could use a lemon facial and my body needs a good moisturizing.

So, late Saturday afternoon, I decided to take sometime to work on me.

 I went to the gym for a 75 minute workout. I could have gone longer and felt a need to workout longer, but the gym closes early on weekends. Darn.

After my workout, I took a nice bubble bath and shaved. While in the bath, I watched some Youtube videos on makeup. Next, I took a quick shower to make sure all that shaved hair was off of my body. Then I moisturized my whole body.

Afterward, I felt great and feminine. So I completed a lemon facial which really smooths out my face.

I put on a nice cute night gown and went downstairs to watch some TV. While watching TV, I took off my clear nail polish, buffed and shaped my nails and then reapplied a couple of coats of clear nail polish.

Now, I look and feel much better. I feel more relaxed and connected to my femininity.

I will be ready for my Tuesday Femboy day out.

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