Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sunday November 8, 2015 - My Dear Mother

Yesterday at 85 years old, my mother passed. She had been in a nursing home, the past three years with Dementia. Her mother had it and died in 1999 at 89 years old.

My Dad passed in 2006, so my mother was living with my sister, per her instructions until she started trying to walk off at night in 2012.

But we were both surprised to learn that she had died in her sleep, Saturday night.

I was lucky that my mother always accepted my "crossdressing". I have talked in a previous post about how I went thru aversion therapy, once my "stash" of female clothes were discovered.

However, in 1990 at 34 years of age, I told my parents that the therapy did not work and I was a "crossdresser" for life.

My Dad just ignored it but my mother embraced it. In the early 1990's, we spent the day shopping and had lunch as "mother and daughter". It was one of the greatest times of my life because I always wanted to shop with my mother as her daughter.

In 1996, when I spent a week as Susan in Hilton Head South Carolina, my mother took me shopping to buy some beach wear.

I suggest, if your parent(s) are still alive, talk to them about your gender issues. Because once they move on to visit their ancestors, it will be too late.

I often wonder, if I was growing up in 2015 instead of in the 1965, would I have asked to live as a girl and taken hormone blockers.

I do know if I would have asked, but my mother would have fought for my right to live as a girl and accept me as her daughter. My Dad probably would have gone along because he accepted a lot of things he did not like but wanted to keep my mother happy.

I am not saying my Dad would be against it. He just would keep any negative feeling about it, to himself. I would suspect he would come to accept and love Susan.

That is what a parent's unconditional love is about. Making sure your children and safe, happy and put in a position to succeed.

So I want to thank my mother for all of her support and will miss her. I will continue my transition and when its my time to join my ancestors, I will meet them as Susan.

It will trip my grandparents out!