Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday February 13, 2016 - Shezow

I want to thank my bff and avid blog reader Ms.Stacey Anne Smith. for introducing me to the superhero Shezow.

Have you heard of her in her own animated cartoon series? I had not.

Shezow is a female superhero who fights evil. She is a he. That's right Shezow is a 12-year old boy who put on his recently deceased Aunt's ring which turn him into a female superhero.

It ran for 1 season in 2013 on a TV cable channel called HUB. It appears that conservative backlash did the show in. However the show still lives. Facebook Fan Page.

I like the show and I am now watching in on youtube. Below is the youtube playlist of all 26 espisodes.


  1. Ms.Susan King, I'm glad that you enjoyed watching Shezow on YouTube and I believe that it was created by a man so I'm wondering if he was or is a femulator. The thing I really like about it is by saying the phase "You Go Girl" he is transformed from a boy to a girl with a male sidekick and feminine friends, feminine superhero tools and abilities who accepts all challenges from the bad characters in her world who oppose all good thing(s) including her and her friends, who motivate her as they both battle against them and always end up defeating them no matter what. That is one of the ways I use to stay motivated in my daily journey to femulate and into becoming a total woman. Thank You for sharing, Hugs, Kisses and Love, Ms.Stacey Anne Smith.

  2. I hope others enjoy the series as much as I do.