Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday March 18, 2016 - Electrology Session

Today was my bi-weekly electrology session. The end is finally near. After two weeks, there was not much hair. I had the tech include my ears and eyebrows to reach 1 hour. It is now taking less than 1 hour to clear two weeks of beard growth.

The remaining growth is mostly sporadic white/grey hairs. There are very few black hairs left. This is the start of year four and I think it should be over by May.

I usually make this a Femboy day, but I had to go to court to testify for a client. The Femboy mode would not work. BTW, we won the case.

I need to get out this weekend. Its going to be a beautiful and warm outside.

I noticed my Femboy look is getting more feminine. Below are two pictures of my Femboy look.

This is my Femboy look in April 2015.

This is my Femboy look in March 2016.

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