Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday March 12, 2016 - I like her style

I was at my grandchildren's school yesterday for Grandparents lunch day. I was in boy mode and outside having lunch. This lady came outside with two young boys. They wanted to eat lunch outside but all of the tables were occupied.

I heard her tell the boys that there were no more tables and they could eat on the grass but she had a dress on.

I noticed her right-a-way. She had a pretty dress on with open toes boots. Her makeup was light and looked very good. I immediately liked her style and thought it was similar to mine.

99% of the ladies at lunch had very casual clothes on, I suspect she was headed back to work.

I went to her and offered her our table. We were finishing and I felt she needed to be at a table in order to feel more comfortable. She thanked me and was headed to the table when I got this picture.

One of the benefits of sisterhood is understanding certain situations and being proactive to solve the problem for my "sister".

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