Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday March 23, 2015 - Sometimes my Granddaughter upsets me

I have two grandchildren from my oldest daughter. The girl is seven and the boy is five.

BTW, I am at the hospital waiting on Grandchild #3 and the first for my middle daughter. I am writing this post from the waiting room. I left when the doctors arrived to deliver. I guess I am still old school.

When, my granddaughter does not want to share toys with her younger brother, she tells him that those are girl toys and he can not play with them. She also tells him he laughs like a girl because he has a high pitch laughter.

She uses this gender weapon to try and control her brother. But it does not work. He just brushes it off and continues to play. Yesterday, my youngest daughter was in town and was playing with her niece and makeup.Well, my Grandson wanted to play by applying makeup on my two daughters and niece. My Granddaughter said no, he could not play, but my daughters said yes. He had a great time applying makeup everywhere. For him it was like using crayons to color people instead of paper.

He had no desire to put it on himself but to just play. And so what if he want to color his face. He used crayons to color his body with crazy tattoos. He would probably use makeup, i.e. lipstick to add a face tattoo.

I told my Granddaughter that if  she is going to deny him the ability to play with "girl" toys, then she can be denied by him to play with his "boy": toys; like his cars, trucks and sports equipment.

I am going to continue to work on my Granddaughter to see that this is wrong and she would not use gender as a weapon.

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