Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday March 15, 2016 - Random thoughts

Stana, of Femulate fame, beat me to the punch today. I wanted talk about my battle of the bulge. Normally by March I will have lost any weight gained over the Holidays and winter. But coming out of this winter, I have not lost much weight. I have not gained much, but my clothes feel tight.

I do not weigh myself, I now judge based on how my clothes fit. Currently, both my male and female clothes are tight. This forces me to recognize slight weight gains. My problem is not enough hours in the gym and too much junk food around the house for my Grandkids. I normally do not bring certain food in the house because I know I will weaken and eat it.

So starting yesterday, I will increase my hours in the gym back to at least 6 preferably 7 hours per week of cardio. I will eat more homemade salads, which I like. Plus, I will increase the number of homemade smoothies I eat per day, from 2 (one in the morning and 1 after working out), to three, which will include a late lunch smoothie.Each smoothie is about 300 calories. Between working out and watching my caloric intake, my stomach will shrink along with the rest of my torso. Reducing my calories has a greater impact than working out, but together, it work quickly.

I want to get my stomach as flat as possible, which will put my waist around 30 inches and weight around 163, before I start HRT. I am less than 90 days away from my appointment. So I am getting excited because this is a once in a lifetime start. I want it perfect.

I was playing around in my closet and found this perfect match of skinny jeans and flats. I bought the jeans at Goodwill last spring for half price Senior Day. I paid $2.75. I bought these flats from Payless Shoes for $10.00 using a coupon in addition to a store sale.

I like that the color of the jeans were in this color of the shoes. I bought these shoes along with a black print pair. This white based pair was bought for the spring.

I am going to hunt for a pretty Spring top to match the shoes and pants. Also a nice tunic sweater for this fall would create a second outfit.

I do not want to invest into too many clothes because the HRT will change my body of the next year. I am looking forward to adapting my wardrobe to this new anticipated body.

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