Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday March 29, 2016 - On the ground in Georgia

Sunday night I wrote my Monday post predicting Governor Deal's veto. My post was published Monday morning, just 1 hour before the veto. I had quite a few responses via Reddit to this post.

This issue is very close to me on may levels. I have a unique prospective that I would like to discuss.

 I think it will give you a very unique prospective of this issue in Georgia and why the veto will not be overwritten.

On a personal note, as a Transwomen, this law is very upsetting and dangerous because it emboldens the crazies. A Georgia man was recently arrested for pouring boiling hot water on his girlfriend's son and boyfriend while they were sleep in bed (see article below). For me, I could become even more of a target. Even though I have had no issues, there is no need for my risk to increase.

I live in Fayette County, which is just south of Harstfield-Jackson International Airport. The small city of Senoia in where the Walking Dead is filmed. That area in now booming with tourist and of course all the activity from the annual filming (which begins in May). The local businesses are growing rapidly and the need for extras, allow people to become zombies for the day. When they have zombie hordes, hundreds of extras are needed. I have talked to friends who go down there for the day. They were upset that this law threatened there acting career (lol). But seriously, everyone thought the law was not necessary and threatens business.

Also in Fayette County is Pinwoods Studio, home of the produces of James Bond. This studio is constantly expanding to keep up with demand. Disney uses this studio for their Marvel franchise. There are currently two movies in final production,  a new Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

People in Fayette County and Newnan County are very upset that this growth is threatened.

I have a client who is building a new 4K based $250M film studio in the Georgia mountains. This law threatens to kill his deal which he had been working on for two years and will start construction in June. This is the first studio of its kind in the US and his first client will be James Cameron and a movie in the Avatar series. This studio will change the economics of those surrounding counties and the local governments and residents are excited. Well you can imagine how they feel, if this law was enacted and the studio died.

Fort McPherson is closer to me that Senoia. Tyler Perry just purchased most of that base and is planning a major expansion of his film studio. Over 8,000 jobs are planned in a depressed area that will create not only jobs but retail and new housing. I have neighbors who work for the studio and the new plans are awesome.

In North Carolina, the legislature killed their movie industry last year (2015) by getting rid of their tax credit. This is driving more business to Georgia. My friend who lives in Fayetteville NC and his friends are upset about it. They use be extras in a variety of films. They said it was fun and they met a variety of people, earned a little money and enjoyed the experience. Iron Man 3 was filmed in North Carolina because they could not find studio space in Georgia. Well, we no longer have that competition. It means more business for my client in the North Georgia mountains.

My North Carolina friend was in Iron Man 3 as a General on the plane that blew up and he was sucked out of the plane. But he is OK (lol). It was cool to he him in that scene. Here it is below.

The authors of the Georgia  bill are seeking to have a special session, like in North Carolina and override the veto. That will not happen because they may have the votes for a special session, but they do not have the votes to override the veto. Given that these outer Atlanta counties are benefiting from the film industry, the legislators are going to hear from their constituents about messing with their economy and jobs.

MY OPINION: It appears that these anti-lgbt bills are exacerbating the split in the republican party between the social conservatives and business conservatives.

SOLUTION: I need to do what I can to guarantee I can use the bathroom safely. Whether its a family bathroom or I can use the bathroom as I am presenting, its safety first. So I will support Family bathrooms and request them in larger stores by speaking to the manager and writing letters or sending emails.


  1. Sometimes my head explodes with all the new legislation. I have not heard of someone encountering an issues with a T person in a ladies bathroom. I have also not known any T person who encountered an issue using the restroom of their choosing. If there were not problems encountered in either direction why do we need piles of new laws?

  2. Some people are unhappy and need to make others unhappy so they will feel better. I say, "Haters have to hate".

  3. Susan, a lot of exterior shooting has been done in my area recently. In fact they were shooting on Forest Parkway just last week. But let's give the governor credit too. He didn't say he vetoed it because of business. He said he vetoed because he didn't think any Georgians or visitors should be discriminated against. As far as an override goes, I have a trans man friend with HRC and he said they probably have enough votes in the Senate but not the House.

  4. Yes, I heard that they do not have the House votes. But I suspect that pressure will be placed on a few more representatives in competitive districts to keep from reaching the override number.