Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday March 9, 2016 - I love shopping

Yesterday I went by Payless Shoes in boy mode to buy some socks. While I was there, I saw a box at the counter that had some female winter items on sale for just $3.00 each

I found a black pair of ankle warmers and a nice black, white and tan scarf.

What I like about shopping for woman clothes is finding items that add to an outfit at a great price.

I had a coupon that allowed me to take an additional 20% of these items. So each item cost $2.40 which is why I had the buy them. Its warming up and I may not use these until next winter. But it was worth it..

I have a grey pair of ankle warmers. Adding a black pair will allow me to wear additional colors of skinny jeans with my pea coat.

The scarf matches my off white jacket. I did not wear this jacket during the winter. This scarf will add to it for next winter.

I really like both of these items.

I am excited to have found these items.

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