Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday March 20, 2016 - Out and about

Today I am going to spend the whole day out as Susan or in Femboy mode. Since I had an electrology session Friday, my face is hairless. So I can wear foundation without a problem.

I am leaning toward Susan mode. It's a sunny day but cooler than I thought. So I am going to wear pants. I tried on this outfit in the picture, but I still might change before I go out.

This is a grey based outfit but I want more of a bright spring color. So I think I will change to a brighter outfit.

I have a lot to do today.
  1. shop
  2. replace some lipstick
  3. visit my brother
  4. go to a movie
I have not added a necklace or earrings yet. But I like this top. It has lace in the back and the front has a nice neckline.

Next to me on the floor was my cleaning bucket. I cleaned the bathroom last night. I am getting more sensitive about smell and need to keep the bathroom cleaner.

I do not clean as often as I need to. But I do clean more to keep the smell down and to have it look nicer.

I wore my black flats with the gold zipper. I need a silver base instead of gold based shoe. My jewelry is silver based.

It's cooler outside than I though and I was too cold in this top. So, I am going to change my outfit to a spring color with a heavier top.

I will add pictures in my next post this evening or in the morning.

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