Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday March 6, 2016 - My daughter gave me a fashion tip.

I texted my daughter some of my recent phones for her recommendation. She loved them all and thought I was getting better and looked pretty.

This is my youngest daughter who knows more about Susan than anyone else. We have played with makeup together and she took me to get my belly ring.

Previously, she felt I wore too many rings. So I cut my rings down from 5 or more to two or three.

This time looking at my outfit in the adjacent picture, she stated that the sleeves on the sweater were too long. I need to roll them up bunch them up to show more wrist.

I had on a bracelet which you could see, but she said the sleeve was to close to the bracelet. More of my wrist needs to show.

See was right. I looked at a few woman fashion magazines and noticed the sleeves stopped short of the wrist when wearing bracelets. Without bracelets, it was more 50/50 longer vs shorter sleeves. I always wear a bracelet or two or three (lol).

So I will make sure that when I wear a bracelet, I wear shorter sleeves or push them up my arm.

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  1. Your daughter has a good sense of fashion and a good sense of what works. I would not have thought that a sleeve too close to a bracelet was a bad thing. Now that I think of things wearing a 3/4 length sleeve may make some of our longer 'guy' arms look a little shorter.