Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday March 25, 2016 - Dinner and a Movie

Finally, on Sunday evening I was going to go to dinner and a movie with a friend of mine. Back in January 2016, I discussed, in a post, how I met this lady and we had a wonderful two hours conversation about all kinds of things. I had never met her before and we talked like we were long time friends.

I did not know it at the time but during that two hour period, my mother died in her sleep. Well it kind of freaked me out. It took about 3 months for me to contact her again. Since then we have become friends and we go to the movies about once a month, have dinner and  talk.

She knows about my transition and today I decided to meet her as Susan.

I arrived late at the theater. The movie we wanted to see was not showing at our normal theater, so we were going to drive to the another theater, eat and then go to the movie.

When I pulled up, she got out of her car into mine and said I looked great. She thought I passed very well and loved my makeup. I told her about my makeover and how I got some great ideas.

We both wear the same size shoes and she wanted to try my pair on. So we exchanged shoes in the car. I  joked, that I wanted mine back because hers, which were black did not match my outfit.

As we drove to the other theater we talked about my transition. She asked about HRT, SRS and translife. I was happy to find that she wanted to learn more about trans-issues. It was neat talking to someone about these issues in a free flowing conversation.

She decided we should get some Mexican fod. So we found a restaurant close to the theater. I parked the car and we got out. It felt like two woman going to eat and talk. Going into the restaurant, we asked for a table for two. The lady at the front asked if "you ladies" would not mind getting a table in the bar area.

We said OK and walking into the bar area.. This guy in the bar area, siting at a table with a female friend turned and looked at us as we found our table. That use to make me nervous. Now I know it was a guy checking out two cute ladies (lol).

During our dinner, she told me how naturally I looked and acted. The way I played with my hair, the way I ordered the food and the way I sat were all compliments she gave me.

I made sure I took my time eating, I looked at her, and paid attention while we talked. I have always noticed how women seem to intensely listen and talk to each other while eating a meal. So I sat up leaning toward my friend and crossing my legs at the ankles.

I had a nice taco salad and used salsa as a low calorie dressing. I took my time eating by taking small bites and putting my fork down after each mouthful.

After we finished dinner, I drove over to the theater. I told my friend that I may have to show my male ID when I pickup the tickets.

We walked into the theater, The employee at the customer desk asked if "you ladies" needed help. I showed my AMC pass and was given two tickets. I was not asked to show my ID which was OK. I have shown my male ID while as Susan before, without any issue.

We stopped to get a large popcorn to share and walked into the movie. We saw the Revenant, which was a good movie. It was a little long for me.

After the movie, I needed to go to the bathroom. My friend need to use it, so we both went in. I went straight into a both and notice the noise woman make when urinating. I sat and tried to aim so that I make a similar noise. There was only one other lady in the bathroom. We washed our hands and I looked over my makeup and hair quickly. Then we both left.

I stated how clean and nice the bathroom was. My friend stated I should have no trouble in the bathroom. She told me the story of a crossdresser who did not pass came in to use the ladies bathroom. She felt uncomfortable but did not say anything. She said she would have no problem with me in the ladies room. I just need to learn the culture in there.

After our restroom break, we went to the car and I drove her back to her car. I thanked her for accepting me and asking questions and just talking about stuff. This was the first time I have been with someone out and about as Susan.

I had a great time all day Sunday and this dinner and a movie capped it off. It could not have been better. This day gave me a glimpse into my future and I love it.

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