Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday March 7, 2016 - She is a pretty girl

I was waiting at the Atlanta Airport car rental center when I saw this young lady.

I liked her style and outfit. It maybe hard to see the details, but she had black open toe heels. The heels were too boxy for me but they went well with her black skinny jeans. She added a checkered black and white top with a hemline down to the hips.

Her hair was away from her face and fell below her shoulders. Her makeup was flawless and modest.

But what I really noticed was how guys were turning after they passed her to get a second look. The guy behind her in this picture had turned his head to get a better look. She had a style that commanded the area. I suspect some of the ladies were admiring her style and outfit, just as I.

I had been in this center in Femboy mode, took the train to the airport and walked around in the airport. I have been to this center because of its unisex bathrooms. If I am shopping in the area and need to use the bathroom, I come to this center. I felt very comfortable walking around the center, in the train and at the airport.

The picture on the left is me in the airport elevator headed up or down to the main terminal.

It occurred to me that as I walk around as Susan or as a Femboy, if a lady took a second look at me, was it because I am a guy in a dress or is it because they like my outfit and style. If a guy turns around after I pass, is it because I am a guy in a dress or they want a second look?

The real question is ...... Does it matter?. Over the last 1.5 years, I have not had anyone laugh at me, point a finger or say something derogatory. But I have had mostly women compliment me as either Susan or as a Femboy.

You do not know what is in someone mind when they look at you. The reality is that it really does not matter. When you are going to present as a woman, then you are going to be treated as a women and that includes stares and looks. People are going to admire your style and outfit.

Sure, you may get a negative look. But you pass hundreds of people maybe thousands before someone might give you a negative reaction. How can you let one person out of hundreds or thousands upset you?

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