Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday March 7, 2016 - The impact from Caitlyn

This weekend I was in Fayetteville, North Carolina for my friend's surprise 60th birthday. It was a really nice party at the Fort Bragg Conference Center. There were about 30 people in attendance. I was his oldest friend (based on years known not age, LOL) in attendance. Our other mutual friend would have joined us but was on assignment in Europe.

The party was Saturday night and Sunday morning there was a brunch for a few of his out-of-town guests. There were eight adults sitting around a kitchen table. Seven of us were over 50 while his friend who flew in from California brought his 28 year old daughter. His daughter is friends with my friend's daughter.

The 28 year old is getting married this summer. Her dad mentioned that she is one of only a few of her friends who are married because many of her friends are gay.

The out of no where, one of the ladies at the table brought up Caitlyn Jenner and that Caitlyn wants to date men. I said to myself, "Where did this question come from?". The father mentioned gay friends and Caitlyn pops up.

We spent the next 10 minutes discussing gender and sexuality. No one was negative, everyone used the correct name and pronouns. The issues was whether she is considered heterosexual or homosexual since she is now talking about wanting to date men.

I wanted to bring up my issues but I felt keeping it on Caitlyn was better. So I, along with the young girl was helping to explain the difference between gender and sexuality. The others were more interested in having their questions answered than being judgmental. This was good because everyone else was former military, Trunp supports and Fox News watchers. I know this because we talked politics earlier. They are economic conservatives but social moderates.

During the discussion, I realized the impact that Caitlyn has had on table discussions around the country. More people now know a Transwoman or have questions about our community through Caitlyn Jenner.

Polling during 2015 shows that people who know a Transwoman are more likely to accept transgender people.

Soon we moved on to another issue but I felt really good. I could see Susan at the table and being respected and accepted by both new and old friends


  1. Please do not fall into the trap that folks who are conservative are also anti gay or anti trans. For the most part we are conservative in terms of a smaller government that does not stick its nose into all aspects of our lives. We do not want government interfering with our lives or telling us what to think or.
    how to think and for the most part we choose not to tell others how to think or what to think. Live and let live in freedom and liberty.

  2. Maybe I said it wrong. I believe both parties are playing a game. The Democrats want more government in the boardroom but less government in the bedroom. The Republicans want less government in the Boardroom and more in the bedroom. The Democrats want more government in the boardroom and less in the bedroom. They are both hypocrites.

  3. Susan, what you are saying is what one of my political science professors said once but he was a little more direct. "You can't keep the Democrats out of your billfold and you can't keep the Republicans out of your bedroom. LOL