Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday March 17, 2016 - A Femboy Day

It is pretty Spring day in Atlanta. I love Spring time because its a period of renewal and I love warm weather. Today is a Femboy day because I feel pretty. I would love to be in Susan mode but my electrology session is tomorrow and I can not shave these few whiskers. I no longer have or really need beard cover anymore. But my makeup will not cover these long (2 week) whiskers under my neck

So it will be a Femboy day. Tomorrow would normally be another Femboy day but I have to testify in court before I go to my electrology appointment. So I will be in boy mode most of the day.

I have to work at home most of the day but will get out for some shopping.

I love spring colors. I am wearing a yellow and green outfit because its St Patrick's Day. I love this green/yellow and orange top. I have on my yellow skinny jeans and white based multi-color flats. The shoes have yellow and orange them.

I even matched my underwear today with green for St Patrick's Day and a pretty multi-color  panty. I think the from pink bow is cute.

I usually do not show my underwear but it was much a nice match for today, I had to show them off.

Here is closeup of my outfit. The top, skinny jeans and flats.

I added a pair of green and white shell bracelets on one wrist  and a brown bangle on the other wrist.

My earrings are orange.

I took advise from my recent post with the infographic about necklace length and added a necklace with a mermaid pendant. I was going to add a yellow pendant but I thought that might be too much color. So I went with this silver pendant. I shortened the length per that infographic,

After I finish my work, I hope to get out and shop for some shoes and summer dresses.

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