Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday April 10,2015 - Goodwill Shopping

I started out my Femboy day in New Jersey with a green and brown outfit. I had my green wool hooded sweater with a brown pair of leggings that has the fake pockets.

I added my multi-color scarf and brown flats. I like this outfit but it was too cold for this outfit alone. I needed a coat.

It was my good luck that there was a Goodwill store a few blocks south of the hotel. So I decided to go find a winter coat.

It was only 35 degrees, so I went to find a coat first. I found a couple of nice coats at the store and tried them on. I wanted a coat that I could use next winter and was a different color and style from the two pea coats I already have. I already have a black and a creme pea coat.

The first coat I tried on was grey.This coat was a good fit, but the camera angle was poor. I liked this coat but it did not match my outfit. I really need a brown coat.
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When I found this coat, I was in love. This color matched my outfit and fit very well. I like the hemline and the front buttons. I need a brown coat and I really like the fur. It reminded me of a coat my mother would like.

There were many people in the store, which was very small when compared to Atlanta stores. While I was looking at coats, a lady came up to me and asked if the coats were part of a half price sale.

I told her in a soft by male voice, that I did not know. I knew that yellow tagged items were half off but I did not know about coats.

I was surrounded by women and felt no discomfort. I tried on a variety of coats in the dressing room. It came down to the two coats above. I chose the brown coat and headed to the front to pay.

Using my senior discount, I bought the coat. I told the cashier not to bag it because I was going to wear it. Being from Atlanta, I had not dressed warm enough for this cold weather. So, I put on the coat and kept shopping.

I did not find anything else I wanted to buy. The prices at this Goodwill were slightly higher than the Goodwill in Atlanta.

This was a relaxing shopping experience. I know I am a feminine looking guy and feel it. This is how I feel and I do not care what others thing. However, as I have been saying over and over again, I get zero negative reactions. Most women say hello and/or smile. I return the greetings and keep going.

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  1. I am glad that you had a good experience at the Goodwill in NJ. People will accept you the way you present as a fem boy because you are a nice person who comes across as pleasant, friendly and especially as it pertains to women, non-threatening.