Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday April 29, 2015 - TG Movies and TV shows

Its exciting how the media has taken to showing transgender characters in television and movies. There are new project appearing often. I have listed current and future projects under the menu tab "Trans TV and Movies ".

This is a summary page as of the end of April 2015. Check back for additional projects as they are announced.

Below are 11 media programs that star and deal with transgender issues. I have video promos for eight of them. The other two, Bruce Jenner realty show and Laverne Cox in Doubt, do not have a promo video up yet. If I missed any, please let me know and I will add it.

Girls on the Block
This is a  Mini Series that follows the live of several transgender people in Kansas City Mo. It's currently airing on Discovery Life Channel.

Bruce Jenner
Everyone knows about "The Interview". Coming this summer is his reality show documenting his transition. Below is the promo video for the interview, which has taken place.

This is the award winning TV show on Amazon Video about an older man transitioning to womanhood. There were 10 episodes for Season 1. Season 2 will hit Amazon in the Fall 2015.

Jazz Jennings
The young 14 year old will have her own realty show on TLC called All That Jazz, starting in the summer of 2015. She is also a spokeswoman for Clean and Clear face wash.

Orange  is the new Black
The award winning show on Netflix, brought transgender issues to a more mainstream audience with Laverne Cox. It will be back for Season #3. There have been 26 episodes. 13 each of the first two seasons.

The Swtich
A new TV comedy series staring a mostly transgender cast poking fun at their life issues. It was started with funding from Kickstarter.

NBC News Service
NBC Nightly News has series within its network news program, where young transgender children are profiled. List of episodes

American Transgender
This is a national geographic series. List of episodes

Boy Meets Girl
This movie has been out a couple of years. Its about a transgirl in high school.

Laverne Cox will star as a regular character in this legal industry based CBS TV series. It will begin airing this fall and Ms. Cox will play a transgender lawyer with a love interest.

The Prancing Elites Program
This Oxygen reality show is about five dancers from Mobile Alabama. I do not know if I like the possible stereotypes of this show.

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