Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday April 19, 2015 - Response from yesterday's poll.

Yesterday I posed a question about the use of the word Femboy. I received an email in which I was told Femboy was a derogatory word.

So I asked for comments on Reddit and took a poll here.

The poll results were overwhelming in support of the word. That Femboy is not a derogatory word.
82% of the 77 votes said No

An interesting development is the change in the age of this blog's readership.
In the January 2015 poll
Ages 19-25      8.5%
Ages 45+       65%

In the April 2015 poll
Ages 19-25   45%
Ages 45+      16%

This blog is now reaching a much younger audience.

I received 43 comments through Reddit. They were overwhelmingly positive, stating that Femboy is not a derogatory word. But in some cases, it depends on how its used.

Based on the poll and comments, I will continue to use Femboy as long as it fits me.

Below are a sample of  some of  the Reddit comments.

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