Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday April 8, 2015 - Femboy Gym outfits

I have been working out hard the last few days, because I ate too much over the weekend in Orlando. Below are three of my new Femboy workout outfits. I have worn the green and orange outfits the last two days. I did not have any issues wearing them out on the floor or in the locker room.

On Monday, I wore the orange outfit. I saw a friend of mine in the locker room. He had just finished his workout and I was starting mine.

We talked for about 15 minutes. Just general items of sports and politics. But I was in my orange outfit and he did not seem to notice.

Yesterday, I wore this grey and green outfit. I had on green socks, green shoe laces and a green overshirt. The undershirt and leggings were grey while the sneakers were from Payless and black.

The other mentioned items were bought from Goodwill.

I like the oputfit and had no issues in the gym while wearing this outfit.
 This is my first outfit which has the grey outer shirt, pink undershirt which is exposed under the outer shirt. I added black and pink sneakers with pink socks

The leggings are black with a nice cut-out design around the knees.

I wore this outfit last week.

This is my orange outfit. I had on black sneakers with orange shoe shoe strings. The pants are more yellow while the top is orange.The under shirt was yellow which matched the pants.

I like this outfit because of the pants.

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