Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday April 27, 2015 - Goodwill Haul

Yesterday, I was driving back from Jekyll Island on the Georgia Coast. It's about a 5 or 6 hour drive from Atlanta.
  • You head north of I-95 to Savannah. 
  • Hang a left onto I-16 for 2 hours. 
  • I-16 deadends into I-75 in Macon. 
  • Head north 1 hour on I-75 into Atlanta.

I decided to stop in Metro Savannah and visit a local Goodwill Store. As I entered the store, I asked the young clerk what was the color of the day.

She told me blue and said the blue marked clothing items were $0.50 each. I was shocked.  Maybe I did not hear correctly. So, I asked again did she mean 50% off, like in Atlanta. The clerk said no, its $0.50 per clothing item.

I did not have much time, but I went crazy.I ended up paying the four items pictures below for $2.00 and another $1.40 for taxes.

And the real crazy part is that on the first Saturday of the month, that is Saturday coming up, all store clothing will be $0.50 per item.

Here are the four items I bough. The total cost of all four was $2.14.

 I bought these two T-shirts to add to my exercise wardrobe and my summer Femboy wardrobe.

They both have long hemlines and will make nice outerwear T-shirts over a different color underneath T-shirt. The low neckline will allow the underneath T-shirt to show across the chest..

I bought a pair of brown yoga pants that will allow me to create a dark brown exercise outfit and provide a change of pace for my orange outfit.

The shirt will allow me to create another spring/summer Femboy outfit. It has some purple along with the dark blue color.

Overall I love this haul and wish I had more time.But I had to get back to Atlanta.

I have been thinking about getting some ladies together and taking a day long road trip (4 hours) down to that store for the first Saturday of the Month sale.

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