Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday April 16, 2015 - Trying on clothes

Tuesday evening, I decided to try play around with some of my female outfits, complete with wig and makeup.

In an earlier post, I talked about moving from Femboy to woman. I am using the Femboy mode to gain confidence in public while I wait to complete my electrology. Now that I feel very comfortable as a Femboy in public, its time to start having fun getting ready to come out as Susan.

The main difference between my Femboy mode and Susan, is the wig, makeup and voice. I bought a very nice wig earlier in the year. I just need to learn how to style it.

With makeup, I currently wear mascara even in boy mode. I add lip gloss, eyebrow liner and blush as a Femboy. As a women, I need to learn how to add eye shadow, eyeliner, foundation and  replace lip gloss with lipstick.

I have been studying how to feminize my voice. I am going to start using a more female voice when in Femboy mode. Once I complete my electrology, I will replace that expense with an online voice coach.

The lady who sold me my wig, gave me the name and contact information of someone who can make a high end customize wig.

So Tuesday night, I wanted to play around with some clothes, makeup and my wig.

I started off playing with my wig and finding different styles. I added makeup. I really need a makeup dresser table. So I can sit down and just spend hours, playing with my makeup.I must include a professional makeup artist to show me how to apply makeup correctly. I can take it from there.

The above outfit is a basic business suit, like the other two outfits below, but the lace top is different along with the shoes. I love the look of these shoes but I bought them from Payless Shoes and the heels are too high. I need to learn how to walk in them. Right now they hurt my feet as I must learn to walk on the balls of my feet. Also my calf muscles hurt.

This outfit is like the one above except for a new laced top. I like this top because it matches the shoes. I  noticed how changing tops from Lime Green to a dark teal color changed the outfit.

This outfit has a short black/white skirt with pink trim and a pink laces top. I like these black shoes with the white flower and trim. The trim in the shoes match the trim in the jacket. The first two are more appropriate for the workplace while this skirt I would wear out for the evening. At my age, I like skirts around the knee. I have nice legs, but modesty prevails at almost 60.
I will play dress up more. I think I will play with some dresses I bought and accessorize them. Also, I will play with makeup and my wig. I want a professionally made wig or two, but I will wait until I get closer to going out as Susan.
My voice studies will continue and I will practice them in Femboy mode. 

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  1. Looking good GF. Love the t-strap heels and black skirt and blouse in photo 3. Have a fantastic day. Cannot wait until you wear that one daily.