Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday April 23, 2015 - Electrology and Pedicure

On Tuesday, I had my weekly electrology session. This past weekend, I tried the lemon scrub. Last Tuesday, my electrologist told me about using an oatmeal scrub and a lemon scrud. I talked about this on a previous post.

I decided to try the lemon scrub. I took a slice of a recently purchased lemon and squeezed the juice out of it.

Then I rubbed the lemon all over my face until was face was soaked with lemon and parts of lemon endocarp and carpel on my face.

I let it sit on my face for less than a minute as it began to sting. I washed the juice and carpel pieces off my face.

Wow, my face felt so smooth.  I  put some liquid Vitamin E to soothe on my face.

So I told my electrologist and she reminded me to perform that scrub about every two weeks. So in the beginning of May, I will try the oatmeal scrub to see how my face will react. But I am  definitely going to do the lemon  scrub, once a month. Plus the lemon scrub will help clean up some skin discoloration down my neck from shaving the past 4 decades. My facial hair under my neck grows in different directions. I do not have bumps, ingrown hairs or pits. But I do have some darker areas. I hope to even out the skin tone with the lemon scrub.

Once I finished my hour under the electrology needle, I headed to my favorite nail salon for a pedicure. I had not had one in over four weeks and my nails showed it. My polish was coming off and my nails were getting too long.

When I got there, the owner and her assistant, my tech, both said hello. Each of them were working on a lady, so I sat in the waiting area until called. Luckily another tech walked in to start work. She drew the water for me and called me over to have a seat.

I sat next to one of the ladies having a pedicure by my regular tech. The younger lady asked, if I wanted to wait for my regular tech. I said no, but I will use her next time. Today, I was short on time.

The young lady did a very good job. I used a similar color as last time. While I was having my pedicure, a few more ladies came in. Like last time another daughter/mother team came in to have a manicure.

I wish my mom and I could have done that. I seems like a right of passage for some young teens with their moms. I am thinking about asking my daughters if they would like to do with me and have pedicures.

I told the lady next to me that I liked the nail color she picked. It was a purple color with small silver specks and it looked good against her darker skin. She said thank you. I had not gotten to the polish section, so she could not return the compliment, if she wanted to.

That was Ok, I am trying to just have simple conversations with people around me in a more feminine manner and voice. Its going to take time, but everything I read about voice work says practice.

Once the young tech finished painting my nails, she asked if I wanted a design on my big toe. I said yes, so my regular tech who was finished with the lady next to me, came over and completed the design.

I liked the nail color and the design. Both ladies both did a great job.

I bring my own flip flops because of my big (Size 12 Ugh) feet for a woman. We all can't be perfect. I wish I was size 10 or less, but I would not want to trade any of my positive attributes for smaller feet. Just work with what God gave you.

They placed my flip flops on my feet and I walked over to the drying station. I read a Vogue magazine while I waited for my nails to dry.

Once dried, I paid the cashier and walked to my car with my flip flops on.

I drove around for awhile before I decided to get some gas. I put my flats back on, because the flip flops did not match my outfit.

After I got gas, I went home to complete some work.

Overall, it was a normal day. My Femboy days are not only normal but sometimes I feel like I am crossdressing when in boy mode.

I am incorporating my Femboy voice and actions into my boy mode. An example would be looking women in the face and not the chest or hips. Another is eating slower and sitting and walking more erect. Also while standing, create a slight S-shape with a knee bend to tilt my hips.

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