Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday April 15, 2015 - Yesterday was a Femboy day - Face Maintenance

I love my Femboy days. It gives me a chance to get out in public and express my femininity.

If its Tuesday, its electrology day. My favorite hour of getting closer the my goal through pain and tears. Now I am not saying the pain is excruciating. Its like a bee sting. But certain parts of my face are sensitive and a "bee sting" brings tears to my eyes. Those areas are under my nose and around my lips. There are parts of my face in which I do not feel the sting.

Yesterday, the owner and I talked about other services they provide. My face looks great and I no longer shave. But I wanted to know about facial and chemical peels.

I think I am going to get a facial. I sounds relaxing and fun. But the chemical peel is a more long term process that will include maintenance as my skin peels and flakes over time. The chemical peel makes me think of the Walking Dead, which is filmed in my county, about 15 miles south of my house. Maybe after a chemical peel session, I can get on the set as a walk-on :-}.

I am having one minor issue with my face. Under my neck, there is discoloration and bumps. This is from years of shaving in which the hairs in that area grew in different directions. This led to poor shaving results, early in my shaving life.

Thanks to a female impersonator friend, decades ago, I changed my shaving habits and eliminated shaving bumps.

So my electrologist, suggested I exfoliate more and reduce the discoloration by using oatmeal, once or twice a week and a slice of lemon, a different day of the week.

Both act as an exfoliate and the lemon reduces discoloration.

I am going to try them and will report back on my progress.

Here is what she recommended.:


  1. Take a small handful of some raw oatmeal. 
  2. Place it in the palm of your hand and add water to create a paste. 
  3. Rub the paste on your face and let it sit for awhile.
  4. The rubbing will exfoliate.
  5. Once it dries, wash it off.

Lemon Slice:

  1. Take a lemon and cut out a wedge.
  2. Rub the slice over the discolored area
  3. Overtime, this will reduce the discoloration in the area and exfoliate.

Over the next few post, I will discuss my Tuesday day out.

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