Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday April 6, 2015 - I told my sister about my transgenderism

Yesterday, I told my sister about me being transgendered since 8 years old. She is only 11 months younger than me.

She was surprised and did not know or suspect while we were growing up.

My sister was not into girly things. I told her that I played with her dolls and tried on her clothes. She told me she did not like playing with her dolls and did not notice if they had been moved or played with. Also, she was not into clothes. She wore what she had to but was more into her books (brains) then clothes and outward appearances.

It worked for her, she is a Doctor and has never been into clothes. Scrubs work for her.

She asked the basic questions about my intentions. I gave her this blog, so she can follow my journey.

We then got into our parents. She told me that Mom wanted to do mother/daughter stuff like spa day, shopping days and manicure/pedicure trips along with time at the beauty parlor. She said that I would have made a better daughter when it came to that stuff.

I laughed because she was right and that twice Mom and I went shopping in the 1990's as mother and daughter. It now makes sense. Once I told my parents, in 1990, that my "crossdressing" was not "cured", one of the first things my mother and I did was go shopping and have lunch together while I was dressed. This was around 1992. By then she was 62 and getting tired, but she wanted to go with me. She stated during our shopping that she was too old to shop all day like she use to. I told her that I was just happy to have anytime shopping with her.

On the other hand, as the oldest son, named after my father, there was a hope that I would follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. The first time, I went with him as his assistant, I fainted when I saw blood. My father was nice about it, but he was probably disappointed. Luckily, my sister stepped up and said she wanted to help. At first my Dad hesitated, but soon relented. The rest is history and I told people, thank goodness for women's liberation because it took the pressure off of me.

That was in the early 1970's. I now image today, in which I could have begun my transition early, my mother would have had her girly daughter to do those mother-daughter activities and my Dad still would have his doctor.

BTW, my younger brother wanted to be a doctor but had eye trouble that would not allow that to happen.

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