Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday April 28, 2015 - Femboy Day - What to wear

I could not decide what to wear.  Also, I exercised late last night and over slept. I got up, showered and tried to figure out what to wear.

This first outfit was based around the shirt. This morning, its cool outside but it will warm up. So I wanted a Spring look. I have the orange top with blue skinny jeans. I have a grey hat and brown Payless flats.

I do not have a necklace on  because I did not have one that worked with that shirt.

I did have on two bracelets and rings in a brown and orange color set. This outfit was OK, but to me orange and brown are fall colors. There is no color pop in this outfit.

Its kind of blah, which is how I feel today.
 This second outfit has the color I am looking for that says Spring. Its my yellow skinny leggings from Goodwill. I added a brown based T-shirt. I bought this T-shirt Sunday from the Goodwill.. It's brown but has the yellow in the print.

The sleeves are short. so a jacket is needed. I added the white based jacket with an ocean theme. The jacket has yellow that matches the pants.

Notice, I have on multi-color sneakers that have yellow in it. I wish I has yellow shoelaces. I did not, so I used white shoelaces. This T-Shirt allowed me to add a nice necklace made with a yellow based rock.

Because the pant length is a little short, I added a silver anklet.

I like this outfit, but its better suited for the ocean or beach. I definitely would have worked in Jekyll Island this past weekend. But I am not feeling it for today in Atlanta.  

I decided to wear the first outfit, but to change the shoes from flats to the multi-color sneakers. The sneakers add color and a causal look to the outfit.

I had the run out to get to my appointment.

After my appointment, I need to come home and work. So I am not going to get out much. Hopefully, I can run errands or visit my brother later in the week.

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