Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday April 24, 2015 - Exercising this week

I worked out three days, this week. I like to go in late at night and watch the NBA basketball game while I use the elliptical machine 60 to 100 minutes. The amount of time I spend depends on how many calories I ate that day and how I feel.

I now wear female workout clothes only. Below are my outfits for each day last week.

This is my pink outfit. I have pink yoga pants with matching Payless sneakers. I added pink shoelaces for additional color. I have a grey undershirt and a grey t-shirt with the multi-color print on the side of the shirt. The multi-color T-shirt has print that includes the pink found in the pants and sneakers.

I worked out for 90 minutes and burned about 1,000 calories.

I had no issues with this outfit and just did my work and the left for home. I showered, once I get home.

This is my grey and blue outfit. I have on grey yoga pants. I took my black Payless shoes and changed the shoelaces to blue. This blue can be found in the shirt. The shirt has a similar blue which is on the front name and on the shoulder strips.

I have a grey T-shirt underneath which you can not see, but matches the yoga pants.

I was tired, so I only completed only 60 minutes on the elliptical.

Yesterday, I wore my orange and brown outfit. I have a pair of knee length orange/yellow sweat pants. I added orange shoe laces. I have on the same black sneakers I used earlier.

I have on a brown t-shirt with orange lettering. Over that T-shirt is and another orange T-shirt.

The problem with this outfit are my legs. Since I wear pants all the time, my legs are much lighter than my arms and face. I usually tan them in late May, when the weather is warmer. Until them, these light hairless legs really need stockings. But stocking or trouser socks that will not work while in the gym, so my legs will have to have a unique (?) look for another month.

I watched the New Orleans vs Golden State game that went into overtime. So I did 100 minutes of cardio.

If you notice in all three pictures, my outer T-shirt has a longer hemline. I use that for cover when wearing yoga pants. So I look for longer women T-shirts to wear over the first T-shirt. In the orange outfit, that picture does not show the outer T-shirt rolled down. But it has a lower hemline for cover. I did roll that T-shirt down before I started my workout.

All three days were great. I had no issues. One day, I forget which, did notice a couple walking by and the lady looked at me, whispered something and the guy glanced back at me.

I am sure she was complimenting me on my figure.

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