Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday April 11, 2015 - High School Investigation

After I left Goodwill, I headed to my father's old High School. It's a building is new and I wanted to find out about the Sports Hall of Fame was located.

My Dad was inducted into this Hall of Fame in 2005 and he passed the next year. He was happy to have been inducted as a football player. He used his success in sports to get a full college scholarship and from there, he went to Howard University dental school.

So, I wanted to find out about this Hall of Fame, so my sibling and I can start making an annual donation in his name.

I was looking cute in that new brown coat with the fur on the collar, hemline and cuffs. It fit so well and matched my pants and scarf.

I parked and went to the front door. I rang the bell and went in. The front office was closed but there was a football coach in the lobby. He asked what it needed. I told him, I was looking for the Sports Hall of Fame and if it was open to the public.

He stated that there is no location for the Hall in this new building. Girl, I was very disappointed. As the coach left, I walked toward the exit and I decided I needed the name and contact of the person who managed with the Hall of Fame.. Even though there was no physical location, there had to be a management team. I saw a guy at the security table, so I walked over to him and asked for the contact person of the Sports Hall of Fame.

He did not know but told me to wait and he would see if he could find out. He walked into an office down the hall to ask. He came back and stated that the lady in the office would bring that information out to me.

The guy then asked if I played sports at this high school. I said no. He said that it looked like I was a long distance runner. I did not know how to take that statement. I have had people at LA Fitness ask the same question because my figure is thin and lean. So I guess, I have a runners figure but I thought he  may have been talking about my figure in general. I mean I have a very feminine outfit which highlight my thin and lean body, was he giving me an overall positive compliment?

I told him, it was my father who played football at this school back in the late 1940's. I did not give my father's name and he did not ask.

This brought up an interesting problem. My father was very well know in the area. Should I tell people I am his name sake? It would mean I am publicly coming out.

If I were in boy mode, I would have told him who my father was and I was his oldest son. But in Femboy mode, I kept my mouth closed.

The office lady came out and stated she could not find the phone number of the contact and that I should leave my contact information and they will get it to the right person.

Now another issue arises. Which information should I give them? Boy or Femboy contact information.

I left my female name and email address along with my male phone number. This reminds me that I need to get a Femboy phone number that automatically forwards to my existing cell phone.

There is an app called Hushed that will do that along with Google voice and a web site called

I thanked everyone there, the office lady, security guy and another man at the desk.

I turned around and slowly walked to the exit door. I was looking around at the school. It opened in 2010 and was really nice. Across the lobby was the gymnasium with a group of girls practicing sprints. It looked like it might have been a track and field team.

Then I started thinking about the teenagers in the school. How many of them are trangender and are any of them out? What a new world it is for them. I would have loved to meet them and tell them that it does get better. I am proof.

In 1972, my male cousin was expelled from this school for continuing to wear feminine clothes. Now here I am as a Femboy being treated with respect.

As I walked out of the door, I felt so confident and feminine. I know this is who I was meant to be.

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