Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday April 17, 2015 - My Tuesday Femboy Day

Along with my electrology appointment and my evening playing dress up, I spent most of the day as a Femboy.

It now feels normal presenting this way. So, I ran many errands.

Kroger - Has to get my eye drop prescription renewed. I have been using this Kroger pharmacy for about three years and every month I get a refill. So they are use to seeing me in boy mode. Today I went in Femboy mode. This is a large Kroger grocery store. I went inside and walked across the cashier lines to get to the pharmacy. I had no issues at the store. There were a few customers waiting for their medicine. I walked up, gave them my name and paid. I bought a few other small items which I paid for at the pharmacy cashier. I walked in front of all 16 cashiers and left the store.

Dollar Tree - In the same shopping center was a Dollar Tree store. I needed some stockings. I did not want to pay the prices Kroger had, so I went to the Dollar Tree store. They has stockings for a dollar, but I did not like the feel of them. Its so funny how picky I am with female items but with male items, I do not care.

So I left the store without buying anything.

Goodwill - I was going to be early to my electrology appointment, so I went to a new Goodwill Store that opened in January. I always look for hats, yoga pants, and now summer blouses. I only had about 30 minutes and I did not find anything. One of the employees asked if I need help. I thanked her but said no, I was just browsing.

McDonald's - On my way to my electrology appointment, I went by McDonalds. I do not like their food. The bread and meat taste the same (lol). But I was hungry and I knew the calorie count would be available. I went through drive-thu. I had no issues at either window. The second window took too long, so they asked if I wanted a soda. I asked for and received some water. This is a new location that just opened down the street from my electrologist.

Electrogy - You can read about my appointment here.

Car Return - Rented a car for the week for my trip to CT. I got the car last week, it had no gas in it and I had to bring the car back on empty. So I made sure I brought the car back on empty. The lady who logged in the car, signed me out last week. I know I did not look the same. But she asked if she had enough gas to get to the gas station. I told her, "I hope so." with a laugh. I left my car on their lot for the week. So I got in my car and left, headed to the Goodwill down the street

Goodwill - At this Goodwill, the store is smaller and so is the selection. An employee placing out clothes was across the clothes rack and told me that if I was looking for men's clothing, it was on the other side of the store. I kept looking at skirts. She then got a closer look at me and stated that there was another skirt rack behind me. I just laughed to my self and said thank you. I guess, once she got a good look at my clothes, she knew I was in the right place.

 I stayed about half an hour and left. I did not see much.

The Kohls was behind the Goodwill. I went in. I no longer have any hesitation. The lady at the cash register greeted me and I said hello. I went to the underwear section, first. I like to look for underwear that are on the sale rack. I saw a few, but they were not in my size.

Next, I went to the leggings section, but now that I found a few nice pair at Goodwill, I will hold off on purchasing more.

While I was looking at the legging, an employee who looked like a manager, given her clothes, asked if I needed any help and if I could find everything I needed. I told her yes, but I was looking for yoga pants. She led me over to that section. I said thank you and looked at their selection.

I did not buy anything at Kohl's. I was just pricing and browsing. Just like any other customer.

After, I left Kohl's, I went home, to complete some work.

I had a full day with no negative issues. I talked to employees and customers more and tried working on a more female voice. The voice will take practice and a coach. That will come after the electrology is complete.

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