Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday April 22, 2015 - Tuesday was a weekly Femboy day

If its Tuesday, its Femboy day. I have my weekly electrologist appointment and a few errands to run. Also I need a pedicure.

I had to go to the bank before my appointment. I do not go inside the bank that much anymore. But I had to cash a check and deposit most of the money in my account.

I went inside. The security guard said hello and opened the door for me. I said thank you.

Once inside I headed for the table in the middle of the bank floor. It had the deposit slips and pen required to sign the check and complete the deposit slip. A guy came up next to me and completed one of the forms. There were three people waiting to see an associate and two people in line. By the time, I completed filling out my deposit slip, the last person in the teller line, walked to the teller. So I was next in line. While waiting in line I try to keep my back straight by pulling in my stomach and standing straight. I want to add an S-shape to my silhouette by slightly bending one knee or tilting my hip.

People were coming and going in the bank and I did not see any strange looks or whispering. It took a while before a teller became available.

One I got to her, I said hello and gave her my driver's license. Oh boy. That license in 10 years old. Its up for renewal this summer. There are three things wrong with my picture: 1) I was 65 lbs larger 2) I had a Larry from the 3 Stooges haircut and 3) boy mode.

The teller looked at the picture and gave my ID back to me without saying anything. I laughed to myself, am I still that fat and male? She told me that because of the account I had, it would be better if I cash the check with her, but deposit the cash thru the outside ATM. If she took the deposit, I would be charged $12. I said thank you, I appreciated her recommenadtion.

She cashed the check and gave it me. I turned around to leave and the lady behind me gave we a strange look with no smile. I smiled back and said hello. If she had a problem with my look then kill them with kindness.

I then walked outside to the ATM. There was a young guy using the ATM. I picked up that faint body odor smell that I know smell on guys. So I stepped back a little further, so he could finish his transaction. He left and I used the ATM. I noticed in the corner of my eye the security guard walking back toward me. Once I finished, I passed him and he said have a nice day. I said thank you. I got in my car and left.

As I headed for my appointment, I thought about that visit as another milestone. That branch use to be one of my regular branches years ago. I would have never gone to that branch as a Femboy even 6 months ago. This time, no problem.

Tomorrow, I will discuss my electrology session and my pedicure.

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  1. "I smiled back and said hello. If she had a problem with my look then kill them with kindness."

    Bravo! That is one of my favorites in my bag of tricks!