Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday September 11, 2015 - My Wednesday Outfit

All this week,  I have a proposal to write with a group of partners spread out across the country. Wednesday, I dressed in Femboy mode. If I needed to go out, I would just grab my pocketbook and go.

It was raining off and on all day. However, between rain storms it was sunny, hot and humid.

So I wore a black, grey and white outfit. The top had light beige set of color panels.

I wore some black leggings. They are two nice for the gym and were designed for a daily outfit. I added my grey, black and beige top. This top kind of highlights my upper shoulder area because of the puffy sleeves that are a little tight.

I am little insecure about my shoulders and arms. They are too big for the rest of my body. I am hoping that over the first year of HRT, the muscle mass will be reduced. This will make my arms and shoulders smaller and more proportional. The reduced muscle mass and larger breasts will create a more feminine top quarter of my body.

I wore my black flats with the gold slipper.

 Here is a nice picture of my top. I like the design and it fits well. Its a little tight around the shoulders. I added my nice heart shaped pendant. I love the neckline on this blouse and the way it shows by breast line.

These are the shoes I wore. I bought these from Payless Shoes. I like the zipper and they fit well. Again, I decided against  the ankle bracelet.

Here is an overall view of me in my Femboy outfit. I have no problem wearing this out in public.

Its cute and shows off a nice shape.

I added a few rings and bracelet.

The next picture shows of some bangles.

I love bangles. However, my hands are too big for me to get thru the bangle opening. I found these two at a beauty store.

The color is a little off, purple and red. But I love to hear them when I am moving around.

I am always going into beauty shops, looking for bangles. The size I need is hard to find. But I will keep looking.

Here is another close of me on Wednesday. I worked hard and it was fun being who I am while working.


  1. Great outfit! The colors go really well with your skin tone and the blouse is feminine and creates a lovely sillouette. Very natural, pretty look. Try "plus size" women's clothing stores for larger bangles... places like Lane Bryant. My spouse loves to hear bangles clinking as well. :)

  2. Thank you for the Lane Bryant tip and the other tips.

  3. Great outfit. The girl that cuts my hair has the same pair if Payless flats. So cute, I'm craving a pair.