Saturday, September 5, 2015

Saturday September 5, 2015 - Friday Electrology Session

Friday was a Femboy day. Usually my appointment is first in the morning, so my face is clear throughout the rest of the day. But yesterday, it was an afternoon session.

My session hurt more than usual and it maybe because. I was very tired. Thursday I drove round trip (250 miles each way) from Atlanta to Nashville. After driving from Orlando to Atlanta Wednesday night.

I only had 4 hours sleep, Thursday night.. I got up, dressed and went out. I went to the local CVS drug store. I had to pick up some rubber gloves for washing dishes. I always wear gloves when cleaning. This has allowed me to keep my nails and cuticles nice. My nails stay longer and do not break as easy and my cuticles are smoother.

Next I had to go to get some gas. I went to Racetrac and bought breakfast along with gas.

I went by Goodwill and looked around. I really did not feel like buying anything.  I did see some nice items but I was just tired.

This was a unique day. I really wanted to express my femininity today. But I was tired and I did not feel like it. It made me think of a future time when I will be a women full time. There will be time when as a female, I will still have to wear makeup, jewelry, wig and a cute coordinated outfit. It will take time every day, but it is part of the cost of being female... and I love it. So tired or not I got dressed.

I wore a pair of the new shoes I bought at Payless Shoes in Orlando. They are teal color and I love the emblem. They fit well and I am glad I bought them.

I wore my dark brown leggings. I thought about adding an ankle bracelet but decided against it.

I added a dark gold belt. I had to tuck to keep that smooth look.

My shirt was brown, white and teal which matched my leggings and shoes.

Under my shirt, I wore a laced trim sleeveless teal shell. I love dressing and matching items for a nice cute outfit. The teal shell really brought this outfit together.

I added my jewelry but not my makeup. I do not wear makeup before my electrology session because my lipstick will wear off while my tech in clearing hair around my mouth. My eyes will water which will mess up my mascara and eyeliners. Both eyebrow liner and blush may cover up some of the hair that might be treated.

So I spent most of the day without makeup and whiskers showing. However, I still felt comfortable.

After my session, I went to a new thrift store, I found called Lost-n-Found. Its a thrift store that supports LGBT youth.

It was interesting and I spoke with the executive director. This will be one of my volunteer activities.

I will discuss my visit in tomorrow's post.

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