Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday September 29, 2015 - Electrology and Femboy Day

It's been two weeks since my last electrology session. My facial hair growth is noticeably light. I wounder if one hour of clearing is required.

I can tell my sessions are coming to an end. In a way, I will miss these sessions. I will not miss the pain but I will miss my tech. It will probably be similar to my missing my trips to Dallas and e3000.

But I look forward to my next step, which will be voice lessons. I could probably buy one of those audio or video lessons. But I am going to start with a personal voice coach, either online or local. If anyone has a recommendation, I would appreciate it.

I think I will need that one-on-one interaction and feedback to help build my confidence.

Back to my day after my electrology session. I usually shop for shoes, clothes and/or get a pedicure. But I am going to visit that LGBT thrift store and talk to the Executive Director about volunteering.

Also, I am going to go outside my comfort zone and find some places I have not or normally do not visit.

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