Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sunday September 20, 2015 - Father upset with son becoming a Transwoman

There was a recent Dr. Phil show that was very enlightening. A young man named Zach began to transition. His father, really his uncle who raised him since 2 days old, can not handle the transition.

I found the show very interesting because you could tell, the father loves his son but can not get his mind around him becoming her. Ofcourse, I can understand from the son's stand point, her desire and need to transition. How many of us worry about family members not accepting the transition.

But atleast the father is attempting to explain his problem with his "daughter".

Dr. Phil, did a good job trying the discuss the issue while helping the father at least understand his daughter's reasons for transitioning.

It was a good show. I could not find the full episode, but I did find three videos from the show.

Dr. Phil had another transwomen, join the discussion. Kristin Beck, a highly decorated former Navy Seal and former member of the elite Seal Team 6, says she knew from a very early age that she was transgender. After her 20-year Naval career, she became the first former Seal to openly be transgender. Both Dr. Phil and Ms. Beck attempt to help the father understand.

Below is a link to #soldierintransition which is where this episode is being discussed.

#soldierintransition hashtag on Twitter

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