Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday September 9, 2015 - Working in Femboy Mode

Yesterday, I had to work at home all day. But I wanted to dress feminine. So I wore a Femboy outfit all day. My dressing desire is moving more feminine. Over the decades, as I have come out of the closet, my femininity grows. In the past I had to go back in the closet to keep Susan in control.

Now again, I am out of the closet, but slowly expressing myself and telling others. I am not going back in. I find myself wanting my boy mode and Femboy mode to be more feminine. My workout outfits are very feminine and will continue so.

It is still warm in Atlanta and sunny. It did rain later in the afternoon, but I felt summery today.

So I wore a nice feminine top that matched my yellow jeans. I would have went out today in this outfit, even though the top was more feminine that I would usually wear. I just felt like wearing it and it was cute.

I would usually wear some flats, but I could not find a pair that matched and felt right. Even though I just bought three more pair last week.

I decided to wear my multi-color sneakers and changed the laces from white to a blue that matched a secondary color in my top.

I added jewelry. I had a green, white and yellow set of shell bracelets that brought all of the colors together.

I added a necklace with a yellow pendant. I did not add earring or makeup. I needed to add both. Especially makeup, so I could practice.

I did wear my hat, so it was more a Femboy look than a woman look with a wig.

From now on I am going to add makeup and a wig for practice. If I decide to go out, I will replace the wig with a hat and grab my pocketbook and go.


  1. How did you develop your keen sense of style and fashion? Or perhaps more accurately, how does one develop a keen sense of style and fashion on a limited budget? Enjoy your summery outfit!

  2. I continually working on it. That is part of the fun. Every season, it changes slightly. Its a reflection of how I feel, my body type and a certain look I want. As a guy, I just bought stuff and kept it for years (decades LOL). Now I shop and look at other women just to get ideas.

    I do not have much money, so I go to Goodwill and try on things. Some items I buy do not work, so I donate them back and its only a $4 to $6 loss. It is fun to experiment and try and match items from different stores.