Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday September 3, 2015 - Shoe Deal in Orlando

On Monday, I received an email coupon from Payless Shoes. I used the coupon in Orlando.

I bought the three shoes shown on the left for a total of $28.94 or less than $10 per pair.

I am so glad I received the coupon and found a store with these three shoes in my size.

These shoes round out my Femboy shoe collection. I am a shoe addict. I am going to buy those brown heels from Shoe Shoe and then that is it until 2016. I hope, Lol.

These shoes are actually wedges. They are not that high, so I would still wear these as a Femboy.

I love the brown buckle. The horizontal design will match with my black and white horizontal top. I bought these to go with that top and a black and brown pocketbook, I own.

I can not wait to wear these with a pair on black or white leggings and that pocketbook.

 I have been talking about these shoes all summer. I wanted them for this fall. The fall colors will match these flats with so many of my different fall leggings.

I always liked these shoes. Now at less than $10, it was worth the wait. It has been on sale for $16.99, all summer. I was hoping for a $12.99 discounted price.
I found these multi-color flats. They have a white base color. This differs from another pair I bought that have a black base color.

I like these for the spring and summer. I will wear the black base color with fall and winter.

These shoes along with the ones in my closet, provide me with a great selection of flats for the coming year.

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