Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday September 13, 2015 - Work Out

I have been working so hard and not eating as well as I should. So with the start of  the NFL, I decided to have a heavy workout day.

I need to get my weight back under control.

First I need to get back to working out four days a week. Two of those days at 60 minutes and two days at least 90 minutes of cardio.

Second, I will use myfitnesspal phone app to count my daily calories at 1,770 per day.

Third, weight myself daily at the same time on the same scale.

Forth, measure parts of  body with a tape measurer, once a month to tract my long-term goals.

Fifth, I will print a monthly calendar to tract my exercise, daily calories and weight.

The best way for me to accomplish a goal is to set these tasks and follow it daily.

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