Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday September 16, 2015 - Electrology and Pedicure

It's been two weeks since my last session. I no longer shave, but this time there was a noticeable reduction of  facial hair. Most of the hair is white and thin. I noticed very few black and thick hairs left.

My last session was more painful that most of the last 30 sessions I have had with this technician.

This time, the pain was back to its lower level. I was thinking what caused the different pain level? One reason might be that last time I was in boy mode. It was the first time I was in boy mode since I started in January 2015. Today was in Femboy mode.

It seems crazy to me, but could connecting and bring out my femininity (Susan), create a change within me? That change seems to reduce my appetite, allows me to handle electrology better and brings a calmness to me. Maybe being Susan is the real me.

Well, it took a little under a hour to clear my face. Afterward, I went into the bathroom and put on  my makeup.  I wish, I had taken a closeup of my makeup. I liked the way my mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow looked. I have been watching Youtube videos about makeup and I just need to practice more.

My Femboy outfit was slightly more feminine than usual. My cotton flowery blouse is trimmed in lace and very feminine. My green outer shirt matched the green within the inside blouse. I wore my brown leggings and brown cap.

I felt really cute today and no apprehension about getting out, running errands and shopping.

Being me is such a beautiful thing.

I worn my new Payless  flats that I bought in Orlando, last month.

I saw these shoes back in June at $19.99. I wanted them the first time I saw them because of the color and design. These flats will wear well this fall. I bought them in Orlando for slightly under $10.00.

It's a great fall shoe that matches with so many fall colors.

After my session, I went to get my pedicure.

I went into my usual nail shop and was warmly created. I looked for a nail polish. I usually choose a neutral or brown color. While looking for a color, the owner stated that she had a nice fall color. It looked orange to me, so I decided to try it.

I ended up outside my comfort zone. The color was more red than I thought. Also, I wanted to add a white tip because I liked my polish was french tip.

My tech added a line of silver along the bottom of the white tip.

My tech makes her own clothes. Last time she worn a beautiful laced blouse. This time she had a very nice and colorful blouse. I asked her if she would make me a pretty top like the last two she had on. She said yes.

I took a picture of her blouse. The sleeves were elbow length with a thin material that was very feminine.

As usual, she took about 90 minutes and did a great job. Even though, I do not show my feet in public, I love having pretty feet. Right now its just for me to see but I can not wait to wear open toe shoes and show my feet off.

I think healthy smooth clean and well kept feet are very feminine.

Tomorrow, I will discuss my errand shopping.


  1. As I read your chronicle for the day I was struck once again by just how expensive the process of transforming oneself really is. Some of the expenses you encountered on this day will eventually come to an end, but many are both on-going and pricey. Transition is certainly not for the faint of wallet!

    1. Yes and no. The transition is expensive if you are going to get electrology, hair replacement, face feminization surgery (ffs), breast augmentation (ba), and hormone replacement therapy (hrt), voice training and sex realignment surgery (srs). But each girl must decide what makes them whole. For me ffs, ba, and srs are not important at this time. However, electrology, voice and hrt and very important to me. Also, if you watch most women, some are into fashion and some could care less. So the cost of staying pretty everyday varies. I like to stay very feminine, so I have many daily, weekly and monthly routines to stay cute (lol). But my clothes are from Goodwill to balance out the cost.