Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday September 21, 2015 - Transgender Show Survey

This was the summer of Transgender TV shows. I watched some of them and will eventually watch them all via Youtube.

I was wondering if you watched any of these shows and what you thought about them. Below is a quick survey. I would hope you will take less than one minute to complete.

I did add Transparent even though it began before last year.

Prancing Elites was tough for me. As an African American, it created too many stereotypes for me to take as a serious Transgender show. It does appear from my readings that some of the members are trans.  I decided to add it because it was a summer 2015 show. By the way, the Prancing Elites will have a second season.

Their dancing styles comes from the world famous Prancing  J-Settes of Jackson State University in Jackson MS. As a freshman in college, I saw the original J-Settes in our homecoming parade. Being from New Jersey, I had never seen anything like. I could have married any of them that day (lol). I remember following them all along the parade route.

I think this year marks the continued growth of positive transgender people in TV and movies. Over the next few years, we will have ups and downs but overall the trend will be up.

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