Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday September 13, 2015 - Oh Well

I had planned to have a makeup play day on Saturday. After I got dressed, I received a reminder that I had a dinner meeting to attend around 4 pm. That ment I could not have my play day, because I had to get ready for this event.

It was with a client and his friends, so I had to go in boy mode.

I hate when this happens. I had cleared all meetings last week because I had to work on an important proposal. I forgot about this Saturday event.

I wanted to wash clothes and play with makeup because everyone was out of the house all day.

Here is what I was wearing when I got the text reminder. I had my new teal shoes with a matching teal shell. The shell top has lace around it. I added my skinny blue jeans and a white, teal and red shirt.

It was a nice outfit with a big silver bracelet and silver pendant on my necklace.

In this picture, I had my dark grey hat. I was going to remove the hat while playing with my makeup.

I need to practice my eye lining and eye shadow skills. I had some additional  lip stick colors and I wanted to see how they looked. I have been wearing the same lipstick for over two months.

While at this event, I saw with mature lady in an outfit I loved. It was all white and she was 50+ year old, about my age and her outfit was so cute.

She reminded me of me as Susan. Her hair was in a short cut and the same color as my wig.

I loved her skinny jeans and those heels were to die for. The heels were white with white straps. The white straps had silver squares on them. Her top was white with a long but jagged hemline. Her top had with lace all over it. Under the outer top was a white shell top.

She had on a lot of jewelry. but it was not overkill.

It took me a longtime to get a good picture of her without me appearing to be stalking her.

As an older women, it was good to see a lady around the same age, rocking a nice style.

I hope I will be able to continue to rock my style, well into my late sixties and seventies.

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