Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday September 17, 2015 - Tuesday Shopping Day

After I finished my pedicure, I needed to run some errands.

First I went to a beauty shop to look for a few new rings and bracelets. While looking around, a young lady came up to me and asked if the foundation bottle she had in her hand matched her skin color.

It looked a little too light. So I told her that the foundations in these store are poor. She needs to go to CVS for a mid-level quality foundation or Macy's for a high end foundation from Fashion Fair or MAC.

She told me that she was using foundation from this store to test colors. I told her to use the inside of her elbow to place some foundation. If you can blend it in until it disappears, then that is your color.

She said thank you and thought that I knew about makeup because mine looked so good. She said I was glowing.

WOW. No one ever said that before.

Today, I changed by blush pattern slightly, I added blush at the apple of my cheeks and blended is upward along my cheek line toward my ears and then up over my temples and around my eyes. I added a little blush along my forehead and along the bridge of my nose. I then blended the blush on my cheeks downward toward the center of my cheeks.

Maybe the blush added a glow, but I was so happy that she gave me that compliment.

I returned the compliment by saying her eyebrows were so cute. She stated that she just had them arched and she wanted to add makeup. So she was buying some to take home and play with. I told her to go to YouTube and watch some of the good makeup videos. I watch them frequently to learn and get ideas.

We talked a few more minutes about eyeliner and mascara. Then, I  floated out of the store and decided to head to CVS.

Once at CVS, I went to the coupon machine and scanned my card. I received 8 coupons but I could not use any of them.

The sales clerk said hello and asked if I needed any help. I said no, but thank you and walked around to see if any of my basic items were on sale. They were not, so I decided to go get something to eat.

I went to QuickTrip to buy some gas and to get a pretzel. I noticed both the Kitchen clerk and checkout clerk used male pronouns when talking to me. They were both nice and asked if I needed help, but I noticed the pronouns. When I was at CVS and the beauty shop, I do not remember anyone using pronouns.

Calling me sir and mister, does not bother me. But it is interesting that some places and people treat me different than others.

After I ate my pretzel with ice water, I went to shop at Goodwill. Will post my Goodwill shopping tomorrow.

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