Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday September 23, 2016 - Jackpot!!! Finally found some nice bras

It' funny. The last few times I went bra shopping, I could not find anything. This time I went boy clothes shopping and found four bras!!! I am so happy. I also bought four male shirts and three male pants.

Now, with seven regular bras and a new male wardrobe, I can present as male without the an issue and not have to wear the sports bras. I just feel more comfortable in regular bras then sports bras. I will still wear sports bras at the gym and as backups. But from today forward, every day will be a regular bra day.

I found three 36A and one very pretty 36B. I bought the 36B because of its color, style and lace. Also, it will help we see if I begin to grow out of the 36A and into the 36B size.

Below are some pictures of my new bras.

I already have this size and style in pink. I found the exact one in turquoise. This is a nice addition.

This is a back black bra. Its a nice neutral color that will go with my tan color bra. It is a 36A and fits well. It has a nice feel to it and will be one of those everyday bras that will hide well under a lot of different tops.

This is pretty lace bra. Its a 36B, so I do not fill out the top lace part yet. But I loved the color and it fits. I definitely have room to grow and the bra will give me indications about when its time to move up to a 36B full-time. That will occur when I fill out the lace along the top of the cups.

I saved the best for last. I found this pretty underwire 36A  push-up bra. I love the color and style. The blue bow is so cute. Best of all is how it helps my cleavage. I did not know it was a push-up bra until I put it on at home. I put my orange top on and wow. It looks great. This will definitely be one of my favorite bras when I wear a low cut top or dress.

No more bra shopping. If I find one or two more, than OK, but I am not going shopping for just bras anymore. I hope I am OK until 2017.

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