Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday September 12, 2016 - Hand/Feet Reduction Surgery

I belong to the TsDoItYourselfHormones Yahoo Group.

The other day, wrote an email about "fixing" male hands and feet on transwoman. I thought it had some good imformation based on her experience. So I reposted the email below, with Dani Tempest's OK.

Elle MsPherson is 6'1" with a size 12 feet (She owns it)

As trans women it seems most of us are striving to be the ultimate feminine form. From the stride in our 5" stiletto's to maintaining each and every hair on our heads as if they were our children... we are obsessed with perfection. With that said, let's 'break down' our feet and hands and get to the reality of "man hands" and feet.

I don't care what anyone claims here about losing 1 - 3 shoe sizes due to taking hormones. Those claims are misguided and misinformed. The fact is, your hands and feet DO NOT SHRINK by taking hormones ladies. Bone structure is SET during puberty. Those are the FACTS and they are undisputed. But don't worry! There is good news!!!

What can happen is you may lose WIDTH in your feet and you may lose GIRTH in your finger size. Fingers and feet do get thinner due to losing weight and muscle. Someone compared the same brand shoes as some kind of way to measure "foot loss". Measuring feet with a ruler or Brannock device is the ONLY way to accurately determine shoe size. I owned a shoe company for transwomen for many years and with all manufacturers there are variations even with the same style. This happens more often than not. Also note that manufacturers especially designer styles INTENTIONALLY mark shoe sizes down to stroke the ego of their clientele. This happens with shoe styles as well as clothing sizes. It's brilliant because you will always purchase the smaller size designer over the larger size right? Think about it. ;)

So as far as "man hands" and feet and the femininity let's break this down...

HANDS: With your hands it isn't so much about the size as much as how your move them. Do you remember having to practice that killer, fem walk in heels? Remember all the work you put into that sexy stride? Now it's time to work on the movement of you r hands. Hands have a stride too, you just have to find it with a mirror and lot's of practice. Masculine habits can and will be broken with a little work.

FEET: This is one of my fave subjects because I too have long feet and toes. Most of us in the trans community do! Oh and those of us that don't are usually not being truthful about it. lol I happen to know a couple of adult trans models that are very famous and trust me their feets are not as small as they claim on websites and wikifeet. Their feet are even photoshopped in photos. So when you see that someone claims to wear a women's size 8 or 9? Add two sizes. ;) Here's a little secret... Many quote their 'boy size' shoe.

Anyway, what many within the community don't realize is that women also have long feet and toes. Did you know that the average super model wears a size 11? Or what about all the movie stars and celebs like Paris Hilton, Uma Thurman, Meg Ryan that wear size 11? better yet look at Elle Macferson. She wears a size 12

Here is a list of cute famous chicks, with big feet (in US sizes):

Elle McPerson size 12 (model)
Geena Davis size 12 (actress)
Michelle Obama size 11 (current First Lady/arm icon)
Brigitte Nielsen size 11 (actress)
Famke Janssen size 11 (actress/model)
Gabrielle Reece size 11 (volleyball star/model)
Venus Williams size 11 (tennis star)
Tyra Banks size 11 (Supermodel/talk show host)
Uma Thurman size 11 (actress)
Paris Hilton size 11 (party-going heiress)
Meg Ryan size 11 (actress)

So what's the bottom line? Your hands and feet most likely won't change too much, but that's okay! You can have big, beautiful hands and feet, 'BBH' and 'BBF' that you can be happy with. Walk tall and strut your stuff GF!

Big & Beautiful Famous Feet

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