Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday September 20, 2016 - Transgender Healthcare

I feel fortunate to be able to both find a very supportive and experienced doctor along with the ability to afford my healthcare. Many transgender people are still not as fortunate. But thanks to the ACA, more are gaining affordable medical access.

However, the same dark forces that are using the transgender bathroom issue to attack LGBTQ rights, are now going after Transgender Healthcare rights. I just want to make sure you are aware of this and look out for attempts in your community to rollback this access.

After failing to stop marriage equality, the anti-LGBTQ forces found that the transgender bathroom issue can be used as a wedge issue to create a beachhead from which they can attack other LGBTQ rights. However, North Carolina's HB-2 and the soon to be defeated Govenor McCory will put an end to the bathroom issue becoming law. It will probably remain an effective wedge issue in some areas. But both the economic and now political cost will be too high for those who attempt to codify this issue.

But now they are going after transgender healthcare rights. We must be alert to this and assist in anyway we can. This attempt will be difficult in Atlanta and in Georgia because of the large Atlanta LGBTQ community and its growing statewide economic clout. But I will be watching to join any fight against Georgia trying to remove medical access.

However, this will not stop other states, especially Texas from trying to create a beachhead. I predict that in the long run this will ultimately cause Texas to become more democratic (e.i. purple or blue) as it motivates everyday Texans to fight back.

The Texas anti-LGBTQ community is now suing HHS over its new ruling that stops doctors from discriminating against transgender people because of  the doctor's religious beliefs.

I believe the vast majority of transpeople that have medical care access, can find a supportive doctor. However, in cases of an emergency or if you live in an area with very limited choices, this anti-discrimination ruling can be a very valuable patient tool to guarantee care.

I do not believe they will succeed, but we must remain knowledgeable and vigilant against these attacks against not only transgender rights but all American citizen's right.

A New Front in the Religious Right's Fight Against Transgender People

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