Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday September 1, 2016 - Quick HRT Update

I have settled into my HRT routine. I take my meds twice a day and just go about my day.

I have not heard from my Dr's office about my blood work. That is a good sign. However my A1C level is still above the normal range. Since I am not exercised on a regular basis, I am going to reduce my carbohydrate level (bread mostly) by eating more salads.

I hope to talk myself back into the gym. With football starting, I can go watch a game while exercising.

 Monday, I purchased my 4th set of meds and will begin taking them around September 10th.

I am coming to the end of month 3 and the changes are less noticeable. The early quick changes are over and now its the slow deeper changes that are occurring. I suspect some of these changes will be more noticeable to others than me.

I just have not noticed any changes mentally or physically over the past week to 10 days. My body has finally adjusted and its just slowing working.

I noticed yesterday, my male black pants, I use with my suit is tight around the hips and thighs. I had not worn them in awhile. They fit my waist just fine. Also, some of my male dress shirts are getting tight around the chest,

This weekend I am going to purchase a couple of male shirts and pants from Goodwill to tide me over. I do not want to spend a lot of money on new male clothes as my body changes and I will soon dress female 24/7.

So Goodwill it is.

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