Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday September 27, 2016 - The gym and my new plan

This is the start of my third week of my new exercise plan. During week 1, I did workout three days, trying to get my body back into the exercise mood. Last week, I do not workout at all. So in order to get close to 12 workout days this month, I need to workout 4 days this week and next week.

I am back to an hour on the elliptical machine and Sunday I added 5 mins on the stairmaster. I am going to slowly increase my stairmaster time back to thirty minutes.

If I can get back to 60 mins on the elliptical and 30 mins on the stairmaster, I will be OK. But the problem is that I am not burning calories at the same rate I use to. Using the machines' calorie counter, I am now burning about 10% less calories per hour. This is probably due to my reduced muscle mass from HRT.

So exercising is good but I need to exercise longer to burn the same amount of pre-HRT calories. I expect this deficit to grow as I lose more muscle mass. I may need to add weight training in an attempt to maintain more muscle mass. But right now, I want to has less muscle and look leaner. Again I maybe able to do this by using lighter weights with more reps.

But exercise is only part of the solution. Caloric intake is the most important part. During my 2010-2011 weight loss, I learned that caloric intake was a more important (about 60-70%) weight loss factor than exercising.

My problem is that after I take my night meds around 8 pm, I get very hungry. I try to just eat a salad, but I end up eating a lot of calories, just before bedtime. I might be needing these calories during sleep to help with my transformation. But I bet I am eating excess calories that are going all over my body as fat.

I need to try and slow this down. So I am going to take my evening meds at bedtime and then go to sleep. I tried it Sunday night and Monday morning, I work up starving. That is OK, because I can eat more in the morning and use it as energy during the day.

I hope the morning staving feeling is my body using up all its caloric storage, at night to help with my feminization. If my body needs more, I hope it will pull fat from my cells. That is why I must drink more water before I go to bed and when I wake up to go to the bathroom. Water is the vehicle the body uses to extract fat from your cells.

Below are two pictures of me at the gym. The picture on the is pre-HRT while the left was taken Sunday.

up to 10 months Pre-HRT

3+ months HRT

Noticed how my breasts are fuller (which I love), but so is my stomach (which I hate). I am going to try and figure out how to shrink my stomach and keep my breasts growing.

Also at what point do I male fail (look too feminine) to go to the gym as a male?

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