Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Tuesday September 6, 2016 - Dinner with Karen - Understanding what happened to me on Saturday.

Last night I had dinner with my friend Karen. We had not met and talked in over a week. Since early this year, we usually get together every weekend and go to the movies. But there has not been many movies we were interested in.

Last week, I was busy working on a  project, so we barely talked. I usually like to talk or text a couple of times a week.

Our three hour dinner and talk included my emotionally stressed Saturday. She laughed and said welcome to womanhood.

I now understand what woman were saying about guys who just want physical sex, have their orgasm and then disconnect. Many times over the years I was like that and I understand why guys are that way.

But before Saturday, I could not fully understand the woman's need for intimacy. I now understand why it's important for the "pre-sex" ritual  activities like dinner, movie, hanging out and talking, being sensual with touching, hugging and just being close mentally and physically . It's really not "pre-sex". Its part of sex for the woman. That is what I did not understand.

Woman need sensual stimulation while guys need visual and physical stimulation. A man who understands this difference and can merge the two, can get any woman they want.

I have very few guy friends who get this and date some of the prettiest woman. As a young man I was better than must, but I considered the "pre-sex" ritual a necessary activity to get to the actual act.

But as I said earlier, it is part of the activity of sex. I have former girlfriends tell me how much they enjoyed me opening the car door for them and treating them like a lady while out. All the things my Dad taught me.

Even today, I still give up my seat on a crowded train or bus. I always open doors for woman. I still offer to help a woman if they are struggling with a heavy or bulky item.

In a way, I wish every young man could have went thru the feels I had Saturday. I they definitely would understand the woman's side of sexuality.

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